I have been interested in photography for as long as I can remember. The joy I get from capturing images while wandering out in the woods or just playing around is immeasurable.


I started taking photographs back in 7th grade with my parent’s camera. I purchased my first 35mm film camera when I was in 8th grade. I loved taking photographs of my family, friends, animals or anything I could. I remember handing my used rolls of film to my mom. She would always promptly have them developed for me (come to think of it, it probably cost them a small fortune throughout the years). The anticipation of waiting to finally receive my hard copy photographs was exciting, sometimes the photographs themselves were awful and other times they were great. But they were my photos and I always cherished them no matter what because they made me proud.


I dabbled a little in photography during my college years. I worked in the dark room for 2 years. I even purchased my own 35mm SLR camera. Developing my own film was great. I did everything from developing the film to actually creating the hard copy photo.

Eventually, I moved to a point and shoot Sony digital camera. It was the best present I had ever received. I played with that camera for years. I still wanted more as it was getting a little boring using the same features over and over again. I couldn’t control the aperture or shutter speeds or even change lenses or add filters… I decided to step towards a DSLR camera. With a lot of help from my fellow photography friends, I found the perfect camera for myself. I adore my camera and haven’t put it down since!